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Personal Trainer

Dalton L.

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  • award icon Certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Functional Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Strength Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Weight Loss
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I'm a NASM Certified PT, CNC, and WLS. Certifications and education are one thing, but that mixed with my own personal journey has helped me transform and inspire many individuals. I'm a former athlete that at one point gained a bunch of weight as a parent during my previous career. I became morbidly obese, an alcoholic, and I was spiraling into depression. My health and mental state were bad enough that I didn't know if I'd be around for my kids very much longer. I needed a fast PERMANENT change. I got back to my athletic roots, recomped my body over 130lbs, and decided to help others do the same. Now, I specialize in overall health and fitness for parents through strength training and nutrition. Health, Fitness, and Nutrition literally saved my life! I want to bring those results to EVERYONE who wants them!

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