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About Svetness

Svetness In-Home Personal Training

Svetness is putting the personal touch back into personal training. Our certified trainers will bring all the equipments you need with a positive attitude to help improve your health!

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What do we do?

Svetness in-home personal trainers make your exercise convenient, accessible, and exciting! Our trainers come right to you whether it’s at home, the office, an apartment/community gym, your favorite park or hiking trail, and even the beach! We personalize workouts that are catered to your fitness goals.

Svetness in-home personal trainers believe that being too busy or physically unable to go to the gym should not keep you from living your healthiest lifestyle possible. That’s why in addition to our training services we offer complimentary meal plans developed by our certified nutritionist on staff. All of our in-home personal trainers are certified, background-checked and insured through the company!

Our History

Svetness personal training began in 2011, with a goal of providing health and wellness services to everyone in a location they felt secure and confident. The fitness industry at times can be intimidating for people who are just getting started or not as active as they want to be. Since then we have strived to make fitness training convenient and accessible for anyone, no matter where they’re at in their fitness journey.

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Why do we do it?

Some of the biggest challenges in getting started with fitness involve not having enough time, energy, knowledge, or drive. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to invest in themselves, stay active, overcome fitness difficulties, understand their body, and be in the physical state they have always wanted to be in.

We want to help you find and keep up with a healthy lifestyle through exercise, eating right, and accessible training, all customized around your lifestyle and goals.


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    We’ll reach out by phone, text, and email to schedule you a free fitness consultation with a leading fitness professional.

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    We’ll match you with a certified trainer that fits your schedule, needs, and goals.

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    Your fitness journey begins with a structured 1-on-1 training program, nutritional guidance, and live fitness classes.

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Svetness is an in-home personal training company with certified trainers, nationwide enthusiastic about getting people committed to a healthy lifestyle. We come to your house, community gym, or even meet you outdoors to help you reach your fitness goals.

We make finding a trainer easy! All of our personal trainers go through our interview process, background checks, certification screening and are all fully insured prior to being assigned to our clients. We handle all transactions withour clients to ensure you will get the services you pay for. You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager that will be available for any assistance during your time with us.

The idea for SVETNESS arose from a desire to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle without the intimidation of the gym. We believe that being healthy and fit is a goal that everyone can achieve from the comfort and safety of their home.

The Company was started in 2011 but was officially launched in 2012.

Our trainers come to a location that is most convenient to you (outside of privately owned gyms). Our Personal Trainers have worked out with clients in parks, offices, apartment gyms, beaches & open spaces. You tell us where you want to workout, and we will be there!

Fill out the following form: Form and one of our representatives will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a FREE Fitness Consultation.

The free fitness consultation is a brief meeting designed to give our clients more information about our company and the services provided. Potential clients meet with one of our fitness directors to go over what they are looking for in a personal trainer and what plan will be best suited for their needs.

We currently have a very large database of thousands of trainers nationwide.

You have the option to choose a Male or Female trainer, we have both.

We select the trainer by the following criteria: Location, Goals, Expertise, Availability and Gender requests if any.