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Lifestyle • Feb 05, 2024

Tips for Staying Active in the Winter

Tips for Staying Active in the Winter

Winter can be a challenging time to stay active, with shorter days, colder temperatures, and inclement weather making it difficult to get outside and stay motivated. However, staying active during winter is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health. So, finding ways to overcome these challenges and remain active all year round is essential.

At Svetness, we know how hard it can be to work out in the winter. Our trainers are located in various chilly climates, from the rainy chill of Bellevue to the snowy bluster of New York City. We’re dedicated to making it easier for you to stay on top of your goals, as our trainers will come to you for convenient at-home training – no need to brave winter’s chill!

Here are five tips to help you keep your activity levels steady during the winter and stay on track toward meeting your fitness goals!

1. Find Indoor Workout Alternatives

When the weather outside is less than conducive to outdoor activities, it’s a great time to practice your favorite indoor activities. There are dozens of workouts designed for at home that don’t require the great expanse of the outdoors, from yoga and pilates to plyometrics and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

If you prefer getting out of the house for your workouts, sign up for a local gym outfitted with equipment and amenities for your favorite activities. Love swimming? Choose a gym or fitness center that has an indoor pool. Love mixing it up with a hot yoga class or strength training classes? Choose a gym that offers these classes, or enlist the help of a local personal trainer!

There are plenty of ways to keep up with your workout routine that don’t involve going outside! If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what workout routine is best for your needs, talk to a knowledgeable personal trainer. Your trainer can help you stay on track by designing an exercise plan that matches your unique needs.

2. Get Some Fresh Air

Sometimes, getting fresh air is what you might need to stay motivated and on track during the glum winter months. Weather permitting, feel free to venture outside for a brisk stroll. The fresh air can be a refreshing change of pace from indoor workouts.

When you venture outside, dress in layers and wear warm, waterproof clothing and shoes to stay comfortable and safe.

3. Make It a Social Activity

Staying inside 24/7 without social interaction can take its toll, potentially leaving you feeling glum and unmotivated to exercise. When you lack motivation, consider enlisting the help of your friends and family.

Find a partner (or three) to exercise with, as working out with an exercise buddy can be a great way to boost motivation and accountability, even during the winter slump. If that’s not an option, consider hiring a fitness trainer to exercise with you or signing up for a local fitness class or workout group to stay active with others.

4. Set Achievable Goals

Setting unrealistic and unachievable goals is an easy way to smother exercise motivation, especially during the winter. So, to help yourself stay on track, stick to realistic goals that keep you focused on your next milestone.

Develop a list of small milestones to incorporate into your daily or weekly life. Each milestone doesn’t need to be huge – in fact, it shouldn’t be. Shooting too high right out of the gate can make progress feel small and insignificant.

Your goals should match your needs and fitness level, whether you want to take a daily walk to meet a minimum step count or complete a 30-minute workout twice a week. Once you’re consistent with your starting milestones, build on your foundation of success and continue progressing toward your fitness goals.

Remember, progress doesn’t have to be big. It can be anything from getting an extra 500 steps daily to completing three workouts weekly. It all counts!

5. Work With a Trainer

Working with a personal trainer is one of the best ways to stay on track and motivated in the winter. It can be easy to slip back into old habits when you’re not out and about as frequently during the winter months, potentially causing you to lose your progress.

By working with a trainer, you can focus on the next steps and continue working toward your fitness goals. Your trainer can help you fine-tune the steps you’re taking to achieve those goals, from the meals you consume to the workouts you complete.

If you’re ready to kickstart your journey and leave the winter activity lull at the curb, our trainers at Svetness can help! Whether you’re in Bellevue, Washington, and need a way to stay active when the ice and rain take hold or have limited exercise resources in a New York City apartment, our trainers can help! Simply fill out an online contact form to get started!

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