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Lifestyle • Apr 18, 2024

Best Ways to Exercise in Jacksonville, FL

Best Ways to Exercise in Jacksonville, FL

Located in the Jacksonville area and looking for ways to exercise this summer? We’ve got you covered!

We all know remaining active is an important part of any health-conscious individual's daily routine. However, when we make exercise a mundane task that must be completed, rather than enjoyed, we often fall short of our fitness goals.

With that being said, here are 5 ways to spice up your exercise routine and enjoy the best of what Jacksonville has to offer.

5 Best Ways to Stay Active in Jacksonville

1. Pickleball

If you’re not yet familiar with the tennis-like alternative that has been sweeping the nation, now is a great time to do so.

Pickleball is an increasingly popular sport that utilizes paddles, a net, and a small plastic ball with holes in it. Combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong, the rules of pickleball are fairly simple.

Much like tennis or ping-pong, pickleball can be played via singles (1v1) or doubles (2v2), making it an excellent activity for those looking to add a bit of social interaction to their daily physical activity. In addition, (depending on skill level and experience) pickleball matches can range from relaxed to rather intense, making it an enjoyable experience for individuals of all age ranges and physical abilities.

While pickleball courts are prevalent in the Jacksonville area, a tennis court is always a viable substitute as well, despite the net being around 6 inches higher in the middle. Simply tape off the standard pickleball court dimensions, and enjoy your match!

2. Surfing

While surfing may not be viable for some, we felt that leaving it off of our list of best ways to exercise in Jacksonville would be a disservice.

Sure, it’s not the North Shore of Hawaii, but Jacksonville’s local surf scene is nothing to scoff at. For beginners, we recommend Atlantic Beach. The waves are manageable, and the sheer length of the beach allows individuals to spread out and avoid potential collisions with other surfers or beachgoers.

For mid-expert level surfers, we recommend checking out Huguenot Park or “The Poles” at Hanna Park. Either spot offers a great year-round break, with tons of local surfers populating the area to either gain learn from or simply get the low-down on the local surfing scene.

For individuals looking for a little more relaxed way to enjoy the tide, paddleboarding is another excellent alternative. While not quite as intensive as surfing, paddleboarding still requires a substantial amount of arm, core, and leg strength, using all to maintain your balance while paddling through the surf.

3. Walking and Running Trails

While walking and running may be a bit of a mundane suggestion, sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Luckily, Jacksonville weather allows for an enjoyable walking and running experience nearly year-round, if you can avoid the rain of course. Beyond the benefits of physical exercise, employing the efforts of a walking/running partner is a great way to stay committed to your workout goals and get some sunny social interaction in your day.

Popular running/walking trails near Jacksonville include downtown’s Northbank and Southbank Riverwalk, Hanna Park, The S Line, and The Guana River Trails.

4. Swimming

Swimming is another great activity to stay fit, and luckily Jacksonville has no shortage of bodies of water to do just that!

Swimming is widely considered one of the best physical activities for individuals of all ages due to the aerobic nature of the exercise, with the added benefit of taking stress off of joints and muscles. Additionally, swimming is one of the few exercises that truly requires participants to use nearly every muscle in the body, so it’s great for those looking to strengthen large muscle groups.

Popular swimming spots include Big Talbot Island, Neptune Beach, and Atlanta Beach. For individuals looking for a less “natural” swimming experience, consider checking out the popular Cecil Aquatics Center.

5. Golfing

If you have a bit of patience and mental fortitude, golfing is another excellent way to exercise in Jacksonville.

Golfing requires constant movement, whether it be chasing down an errant shot or engaging not-so-often-used muscle groups to power the golf ball down the fairway. Additionally, golfing is an excellent activity to enjoy with friends. Sunshine and quality company, what’s not to like?

Luckily for local residents, Jacksonville boasts 27 public golf courses within a one mile radius of the city, each with unique features and varying degrees of difficulty.

Fun in the Sun: Jacksonville Fitness

While the aforementioned 5 ways to exercise in Jacksonville will certainly shake up the monotony of your fitness routine, the list could potentially be endless. After all, they don’t call Florida “The Sunshine State” for nothing.

Jacksonville locals have the luxury of a hot and sunny climate virtually year-round, so there’s no reason to limit yourself to a traditional gym session every time you want to get a workout in.

But it's not just the weather that makes Jacksonville an ideal destination for outdoor exercise—it's also the city's unique natural beauty. From picturesque parks and meandering trails to scenic waterfronts and sandy beaches, Jacksonville offers a breathtaking backdrop for your workouts. Imagine starting your day with a sunrise yoga session on the beach or going for a jog along the scenic St. Johns River—it's a workout experience like no other.

So be creative, step out of your comfort zone, and check out all of the unique ways to exercise in Jacksonville!

Final Word - Personal Training in Jacksonville, Florida

However you choose to exercise in the Jacksonville area, just remember to mix it up and make it your own!

While there is no wrong answer, throwing a bit of variation and excitement to your exercise routine can help you stick to your program, and you may just find a lifelong hobby in the process. Consider adding friends or a workout partner to your fitness regimen for an added layer of accountability, and a bit of social enjoyment as well!

For those who are not quite sure where to begin, are having trouble sticking to a program, or simply would prefer a workout partner to rejuvenate their love for exercise, we’ve got you covered!

At Svetness personal training , our dedicated team brings fitness right to your doorstep, ensuring convenience, accessibility, and an exhilarating workout experience! Whether it's in the comfort of your home, your workplace, a nearby gym, a scenic park, or along the sandy shores of the beach, our trainers cater to your preferred location. We tailor each workout session to align with your unique fitness aspirations and abilities.

At Svetness, we firmly believe that a busy schedule or physical limitations shouldn't hinder you from pursuing your optimal health and well-being.

If you’re in the Jacksonville area, we invite you to book a free consultation with one of our highly qualified Jacksonville personal trainers today, and begin crushing your fitness goals today!

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