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Lifestyle • Apr 24, 2019

9 Tips To Spring Clean Your Diet And Fitness Routine

Its Time To Spring Into New Fitness Habits & Diet Tips

It’s that time of the year again! Spring is in the air and if you are anything like us here at Svetness you have the urge to spring clean! Spring cleaning is a great way to close the cold month chapters and begin again! According to the National Cleaning Institute, 91% of Americans and 96% of millennials engage in spring cleaning. That is 76% of the population participating in spring cleaning each year! These statistics got our team here at Svetness thinking, while everybody is spring cleaning either their homes, their closet’s and their offices...shouldn’t we also be spring cleaning our diet and fitness routines as well? After a LONG and cold winter of consuming higher carbohydrate dense food items and staying indoors longer due to the fact that daylight hours are limited, it’s time to reset those fitness and diet plans! According to Laura Cipullo, Registered Dietitian and Wellness Expert, biologically the cooler temperatures and fewer daylight hours make us more inclined to eat higher calorie foods during the colder months in addition to staying indoors more. So how do you change your eating and fitness habits with the season change? Our team here at Svetness pulled together 9 tips you could use to spring clean your diet and fitness regimen. There is no better time than now for a clean-up of your health habits and we have 9 fitness secrets used by our team every year to get or keep you on track!

9 Tips To Spring Clean Your Diet & Fitness Routine

Drink More Water!

You have probably heard it a million times in your life already but you need to drink more water! Drinking water is and will continue to be one of our top fitness and health tips when taking on a new diet or just maintaining your current fitness regimen. While water intake varies by the individual, it is imperative that you listen to your body and hydrate regularly throughout the day! Water acts as a natural detox and is 60 percent of adult human bodies! As a matter of fact, stop what you are doing right now and drink some water!

Change The Time Of Day You Workout

If the colder months did not send you into hibernation from the gym but you are still looking for ways to switch up and refresh your workout, try changing the time of day you workout! Get up earlier in the morning and get your body going! In addition to switching the time of day you workout, also switch up the types of workouts you're doing! When you do something over and over again, it becomes easy! If you have been doing the SAME workouts for a few years it's time for some spring cleaning!

Change Up What Pops Up On Your Social Media Feeds

We have all been at fault of spending way to much time online at some point during the week! How much of that time you are spending online is beneficial to your overall wellness? Try switching up some of the pages you follow on social media to fitness or inspirational wellness pages and hashtags! It is no secret that space or locations we are in have an effect on our moods! The same goes for where we are in the digital space! Change your digital scenery and notice the change in your mood! The first Instagram page you should follow is ours... @svetness_.

Take Your Workout Outside

One of the best things about spring is that it is finally warm outside! Take advantage of this by taking your workouts...outside! When it's nice outside there is no excuse for you not to sneak a workout into your schedule. Leave a gym bag in your car or at your office and take advantage of those nice spring days. Changing the scenery in which you exercise will help your mind stay engaged in the workout, you will get some fresh air and Vitamin D and it will give you the necessary time to wonder.

Clean Out Your Fridge & Pantry

The same way you spring clean your house or car is how you should attack your fridge and pantry! Get rid of all foods that have expired and replace old expired condiments with healthier alternatives (click here for healthy alternatives to your everyday favorite condiments). Wipe down all your cabinets and shelves in your fridge this way you have your healthy food stored in a clean space. This will help you to associate your clean space with healthy foods! Our last spring cleaning tip for cleaning out your fridge and pantry is to take before and after photos of the food space. Photograph what it looked like before you do a clean out and then photograph what it looks like after. Physically seeing the change in your food storage will help you to get over not always physically seeing a change to your body instantly. You got this!

Practice Mindful Eating

While mindful eating can at times seem silly, taking the time out of your day to be mindful and grateful for what you are eating can have positive effects on your diet. It is easy to get caught up in the busy world we live in. Take the time out of your day prior to eating a meal to see how you feel! Checking in with yourself prior to eating is a great time for self-reflection! Additionally, try sitting down and eating at the same time every day. Not only is this good for your digestion but it also helps with creating a new routine that will have great benefits to your health and wellness!

Workout To Some New Music

If you have been using the same workout playlist for a few years, it's time to switch it up! Add some new songs that will help you to get in the mood to workout! Changing up what you're listening to in the gym will force you to workout at a different pace! Start listening to your workout playlist prior to your workouts to inspire yourself!

Get Some New Workout Clothes

While to some people what they wear in the gym might not have an effect on how good of a workout they have, changing what you wear to the gym always feels fresh! Try switching up what you wear to the gym to something that is slightly more comfortable for you! If you are more comfortable then you will build gym confidence and get a better workout in!

Hire A Personal Trainer

You could be doing the exercises you've been doing for years wrong! It is imperative that you ensure you are not creating long term damage to your body from your workouts! Getting a certified personal trainer is a great way to make sure you are properly exercising! Additionally, they will be able to help you positively change up your current workout routine to one that will help you to get closer to your goals.

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