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Hello everyone! I am Vernon Miles, and I love health and fitness. My passion for fitness began as a child. Growing up as a "military brat", I spent most of my childhood in Europe, in particular Germany. European lifestyle is filled with activities like swimming and cycling. Every weekend my parents would take my brother and I to swim lessons and some type of sports program. My parents believed that we should experience anything that would keep us active. As I started to mature, I fell in love with the sport of basketball. Basketball became my first love and carried me through high school and on to college. Even though I do not play as much as I used too, basketball provided for me the foundation of routine that I utilize today. As a new father, I was afraid of getting the "dad bod", so I continue to train as hard as I used to back in the day. I truly believe in health over the long haul, and cannot wait to work with you! Thank you for reading.

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