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Personal Trainer

Tyler Z.

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  • award icon Certified by American Sports & Fitness Association
  • award icon Certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Functional Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Plyometric
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Strength Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Weight Loss
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Bodybuilding
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Cardio and Conditioning
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Endurance Training
  • Background Checked
  • Insured
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Tyler has been in the health and fitness industry for 15 years with experience and knowledge as it relates to one on one personal training! Tyler over the years has worked with young athletes looking to improve their athleticism to senior citizens with injuries, or disabilities and everyone in between! Tyler has an array of different type of personal training techiniques and expertise such as: strength & conditioning, resistance training, general weight loss, mobility/flexibility training, corrective exercise training, speed/ agility/ quickness training, plyometric training, calisthenics training, functional training, cardiovascular training, balance and core training!! Tyler's main focus and mission as a fitness professional is first and ALWAYS make sure his clients are SAFE through proper body mechanic movements while exercising. Tyler will always push his clients to accomplish their goals, turn their weaknesses into their strengths, hold them accountable, be supportive, motivate them, have a positive and uplifting mindset, improve his clients overall health and fitness and lastly go above and beyond his clients expectations! Tyler has a strong passion for helping his clients with their fitness journey, and is determined and committed to making their goals and ambitions a reality!

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