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My name is Sylvester and I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. In my life and throughout my fitness journey I have explored many different styles and aspects of training and physicality. Throughout middle school and high school I spent the majority of my time playing basketball. During my college years, I began running and training for short marathons as this was a nice escape from the school work. For a little over a year, in order to gain some strength and improve and not impede my running, I trained exclusively using bands and suspension training. It was soon after this that I decided to pick up weight training to gain more strength and power. After getting a little bored of the gym and all of the different bicep curl variations, I discovered powerlifting which gave my training the direction and focus that had been missing since my college days. This revelation, as well as the pandemic, really made me evaluate my career in logistics and inspired me to get certified to be a personal trainer. All the various ways I have found to stay fit and focused has helped shape my philosophy that all training styles can work and have value. I still use methods or schemes from the basketball court, to the 5ks, to creative band usage, all the way up to the power rack. I believe in the power of movement above all else and want to help my clients find their power.

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