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Sarah M.

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I grew up in Southern CA where riding your bike to school or work is safe and spending free time at the beach where swimming, surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding came naturally to most locals. Most only experience this way of life on vacation! I always lived a very energetic lifestyle. My parents and grandparents were considered "daredevils" when it came to outdoor activities, so my values and morals were fear nothing, never give up, & win win win! I had to much energy as a teen up until the present so learning how to channel that energy in a positive way was a really important goal especially when I noticed that I struggled sitting still for more then 10 minutes! I'm considered a busy body, and a multi-tasker. Some experts would say I'm lucky to have that drive, but others called it "mental illness" for example ADHD,OCD, or some other consonant that they through together! When I attended Santa Barbara City College which is built directly on the beach, between classes I was out doing what was normal to me, when one day a coach who had been around the block a time or two asked me if I did CrossFit and what gym I went to. I had no idea what language he was speaking.... what the hell is CrossFit? He told me to check out their kinesiology program at the college and again I had no clue what the word kinesiology ment, but I was open minded & willing to learn new things. Once I learned what a kinesiologies is and does, I knew then what my major was going to be and what I was going to become knowledgeable in even though it was a long 4 years of school to get a degree and financial I could not afford to attend college full time & by this time in my life I had lost the majority of my immediate family so it was up to me! I ended up getting scholarship, FASFA, & a loan which I really tried to avoid, but sometimes your in a position where it's sink or swim, so I swam. I signed up for any and all grants and worked at the college fitness center assisting young adults who had no experience at the gym or with sports. This taught me empathy for others & I learned how much I liked helping people get healthy, get in shape, or stay motivated and active after the age of 50 years old, or after having 2 babies and being a single mom who had hardly any time to go to the gym or exercise freely. in 2018 after 3 years pay SBCC my grandmothers who was more like a mother to me was diagnosed with dimensia & a cousin of mine locked her away in a home where the smell of their meals stuck to the walls & the patients were so medicated they could not even feed themselves so I did not complete college and get my degree! I moved up north to rescue my grandma & take her back to the only home she and my grandfather built together, by the time I was able to return ( which was just a few weeks) she had passed away! I soon found out that my cousin was in all my grandmothers bank accounts, so I had to stay up north until things got figured out! there is a revocable trust and I became co-trustee/beneficiary. 3 yeats later I am still l living in the house my grandparents built and without knowing became a part of the community! And we're still trying to workout the loose ends with the family trust but that's what happens when people become greedy, selfish, and only think short term and don't worry to much about the future! the point to this story is I might not have not gotten a masters degree but I have received a degree in life and human behavior as well as knowledge in movement of the body and how staying active will help prevent chronic illness and slow down aging. I received my PT cert . through NASM &AFI. so hot in here while studying kinesiology, I learned nutrition I got skills in kickboxing and weight training, I see yesterday

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