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My life story began in Dublin, GA where I was born and raised. During my time in the U.S. Marine Corps after I suffered a back injury was when I fell in love with the sport of weightlifting. I was placed on light duty and told to begin wight lifting to stay in shape. Little did I know that this would change my life forever! Through sound exercise practices I was able to minimize my pain and build a physique I always wanted. While living in Oceanside, CA I obtained my first Personal Training Certification in 2002, and turned my passion into a career. Since 2002, I have helped over 500 clients with a wide range of health and fitness goals. I helped clients improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, gain muscle, fat loss, and enhance their sports performance. By now I am living in Las Vegas and In 2010, I began working with the world leader in Age Management Medicine, Cenegenics Elite Health, as a Nutrition and Exercise counselor where he worked alongside physicians counseling patients based on their laboratory values in order to improve clinical outcomes with glucose control, blood lipid profiles, hypertension, sub-optimal hormone levels, stress reduction, and delivered targeted nutrition protocols to elicit fat loss, muscle gain and improve overall health. I currently reside in Salem, Oregon with my beautiful wife of 22 years and my 14-year-old son! I am currently certified by NASM-CPT, Academy of Holistic Fitness “Mind Body Fitness for Personal Trainers, and have a Dip. Comprehensive Nutrition from Huntington College of Health Sciences. My past certifications include ISSA-CPT, ISSA-Fitness Therapist, APEX-CPT, and NCSF-CPT Bodybuilding Accomplishments 2004, Rod was featured in FLEX magazine’s “Street Scene” section. 2007, 1st place, Las Vegas Classic (Novice heavyweight and Novice Overall Champion) 2008, 1st place, Muscle Mania (light heavy-weight) 2010, 5th place Fame Body Proud Feb, 2009, featured on Las Vegas Channel 13 for his Body Basics Boot Camp February, 2012, appearance on Inside Edition with Dr. Life, for “Has this man found the fountain of youth?” Co-authored the Nutrition and Exercise chapters of the New York Times bestselling book “The Life Plan” and “Mastering the Life Plan” by author Dr. Jeffry Life. Featured on the Dr. Phil for successfully coaching 2 individuals to achieve better health. Episode: “Bring me back my Hot Sexy Spouse” and the update “My controlling Mother wants my fiancé February 2012, appearance on Inside Edition with Dr. Life, for “Has this man found

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