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Khris N.

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  • award icon Certified by International Sports Sciences Association
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Endurance Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in HIIT training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Strength Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Cardio and Conditioning
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Athletic Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Bodybuilding
  • Background Checked
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Hey, My name is Khris . I'm a Former 4-year varsity basketball captain, 6'4" multi-sport athlete with international experience playing basketball in Japan and Mexico. I transitioned from the court to sculpting a powerful physique. I have aspirations of becoming an IFBB Pro bodybuilder committed to bringing the discipline and determination learned in sports to your fitness journey. I'm a Certified fitness expert dedicated to transforming lives through personalized training and sustainable lifestyle changes. With a passion for optimizing health, I blend science-backed workouts with motivational coaching to empower clients on their wellness journey. Let's achieve your fitness goals together!

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