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Jonathan F.

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  • award icon Certified by American Sports & Fitness Association
  • award icon Certified by The American Council on Exercise
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Bodybuilding Competition Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Endurance Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Strength Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Weight Loss
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Athletic Training
  • thumbs up icon Expert in Bodybuilding
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Originally from Boca Raton, Florida Jon has quickly advanced with his fitness career. As a young teen Jon was a Florida top ranked tennis athlete, where he trained at Evert tennis academy for nearly eight years. He quickly realized that tennis held a promising future, in which in 2010 had the opportunity to play for Lynn University’s division 2 men’s tennis team. Unfortunately due to an injury, Jon had to retire his tennis career. In 2011 he attended Florida State University where he studied political science and business. ? As well as his majors, Jon also studied exercise science through the American Council on Exercises (ACE) in which he holds his personal training certification. During his college career he started his own personal training company facilitating to his student body demographic. Learning in depth about the body and how to train using a variety of different training techniques, Jon quickly knew that fitness and athletics was his true passion. ? As a motivated individual Jon uprooted himself to continue to learn more about fitness and the different elements of functional and strength training. As the love for fitness continued to grow through college, he decided to learn about bodybuilding. Jon started to compete in NPC Men’s Physique competitions and has become to love the bodybuilding industry. With the help of his coaches and mentors in the past, Jon constantly strives to achieve his goals with his personal fitness goals and his personal training business. The sky is the absolute limit!

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