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Hello my name is Gbatoe James Torh, but you can call me James. I was born in Liberia in a small village named Monrovia, Liberia is a country in West Africa. In this Village there was a saying that was taught to me, which is "Your neighbor shoe is your shoe". Those words mean that if you have a shirt on your back and your neighbor is cold without a shirt, you will give your neighbor the shirt off your back. Those words are edged into being part of who I am and a big part of my identity. I believe in helping others so my career path was at first Nursing, before I changed to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. I believe it was the right path for me to take because not only will I be helping people but I will be saving them as well. The gym saved me, it taught me to be resilient, and understand that anything that you want in life takes time and hard work. Working out teaches you the foundation of life, in that you can't skip any steps to get your goal you have to put in that work. Another ideology of mines is that we will leave from this earth no one can live forever, so for me before I leave I can acknowledge that even if I wasn't able to help a 1000 people I was at least able to help 1. I have been doing personal training now for 4 years started interning for my mentor Ace Morrow and his brand BodybyAce. He is still my mentor to this day, as he was the one that had got me started with Personal Training. I had played basketball in high school and was able to play for the Montgomery College Raptors for a semester before I transferred to University of Maryland, with my major still as nursing. I had met him one summer when I was working out with my friend who at the time was also a trainer, and in that interaction he told me I should be a trainer based on the way I view life in the aspect of growth. I was learning from him and in a couple months I studied took the test, passed and got my certification. I have also worked for different commercial gyms, my first commercial gym was La Fitness and I still work there. If you want a trainer that believes in self improvement, and understands that this is a journey, a step by step one that will turn you into a better version of yourself then James Torh is the trainer for you.

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