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Personal Trainer • May 02, 2019

What Really Happens With In-Home Personal Training

What REALLY Happens When You Doing In-Home Personal Training?

The GYM can be intimidating and life can get busy! Here at Svetness, we know that! In-Home Personal Training helps to bridge the gap between your busy schedule and the inconvenience of going to the gym. When you have a certified personal trainer, you are able to have someone objectively help you achieve your fitness goals! You get workouts tailored to your fitness needs while training in your home! You are able to build a relationship with someone whose focus is to help you achieve your fitness goals without the pressure or intimidation of an unfamiliar location. While you are able to workout discreetly from the comfort of your home that is not the only place you can take your workouts and “in-home” personal trainer! You can take your workouts anywhere! You can train in your favorite park or go on a challenging hike! In-home personal training gives you the mobility to have access to a workout even with a busy schedule! Are you paying amenity fees at your apartment? Put them to use with the help of a personal trainer that will help you learn how to properly exercise effectively! With all of the benefits of working with a personal trainer, there comes a lot of misconceptions as well. Here at Svetness, we wanted to set the record straight on these personal training misconceptions. So we decided to myth-bust the top 6 misconceptions about in-home personal training.

Top 6 Misconceptions About In-Home Personal Training

Personal Trainers ONLY help you workout.

When you bring a personal trainer into your weekly fitness routine they help you with so much more than just the workout! A personal trainer helps you to understand your body and its specific fitness needs! Tailoring workouts to your fitness level helps you to reach realistic goals in smaller increments. Personal trainers also (without you even realizing) inspire a healthy lifestyle. Your in-home personal trainers will help to improve your fitness routine and habits all from your home base. In-home personal training with a personal trainer additionally gives the trainer a deeper understanding and insight into your fitness levels and needs!

Your personal trainer is going to yell at you the whole time!

Working out with a personal trainer for the first time can be nerve-racking… simply because you do not know what to expect! The misconception that your personal trainer will yell at you the whole time is simply not true! We think this ideology stems from the media, television shows, and movies! In the real world when you have an in-home personal trainer they want to help you achieve your goals in an effective manner, not an overly aggressive one!

All personal trainers are “Ripped”

Studying the craft of personal training and understanding exactly how the body works should be qualities you're looking for in your personal trainer. Someone being “ripped” does not necessarily mean they understand how to get your body into its best shape! In fact, not all personal trainers have a six-pack or are in the absolute best shape. They are real people with a passion for fitness and a certified understanding of how to help their clients achieve their fitness goals! Click here to watch a short video about in-home personal training.

Personal training is only for people who have no idea what they are doing!

Personal training is most definitely not just for people that do not know what they are doing when it comes to exercising. An objective perspective on how well you are performing exercise techniques is extremely important! You may think that you have got your squats and crunches down solid but many people actually are performing their daily exercises the wrong way! Creating more long term injuries and extenuating stress on their bodies. In-home personal trainers help you to perfect your training techniques all from the comfort of your home!

Your in-home personal trainer is going to rob you!

Letting someone into your home that you don't know can be offsetting! That is why it is important that whoever you let into your home you know you can trust. Utilizing an in-home personal training company like Svetness is extremely comforting. All of our trainers including the trainer you are working with are background checked, insured and certified can lay those concerns to rest. When working with an in-home personal trainer you should be focused on gaining muscle not losing your belongings. Click here for a personal trainer you can trust!

Hiring an in-home personal trainer is going to fix all of your problems.

Unfortunately hiring an in-home personal trainer is not going to fix all of your fitness problems. Establishing and maintaining healthy fitness habits and a clean diet is something that has to come from within you! Hiring a personal trainer helps you to establish a fitness routine, keep you inspired and monitor your success in order to react and change your workouts accordingly. What it does not do is help keep you accountable 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Checking in with your personal trainer during your sessions on your health habits is extremely important because they are able to assist you on your fitness journey and support you during weekly workout sessions! Click here for tips to clean up your fitness and diet routine!

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