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DEAL PRICES for  Personal Training. 


EXP: 10/30/2013

Get Fit For Summer  

With our 90 Day Get Fit Package


Just for $65 per hour session

Including Full Detailed Monthly Meal Plan


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People who want to get fit often spend most of their hours in a gym to train and burn excess fats off their body. Others with financial capability prefer to purchase home fitness gym equipment so that they can train at the comfort of their home.


While these things works, you can still get fit without spending most of the day training in a gym, or train at home without the use of fitness equipment. SVETNESS personal training is here to help you get fit at the comfort of your home in a short period of time so that you still have time to do your job, studies, or anything that you need to do within the day.


The home personal fitness training that the company provide is perfect for people who are busy to visit the gym regularly and to individuals who are intimidated to train around others. In home personal training, you can see good results with a minimal investment. All you need is simple training equipment like dumbbells, stability ball, resistance bands, mat, and quality footwear. With this fitness equipment and guidance of SVETNESS personal trainer, you can experience an excellent workout at the comfort of your home.


While no fitness training is complete without cardiovascular workout, you may need a treadmill, an elliptical machine, or a stationary bike. This can be a problem as you do not have the money to purchase this equipment. Ease your worries as SVETNESS fitness experts can guide you through many indoor cardiovascular exercises. SVETNESS fitness experts can also train with you outdoors to where your feet can take you to complete your cardiovascular training.


With SVETNESS online personal training, you will be working with certified European fitness experts, without intimidation, at the comfort of your home, and at a fraction of the cost of being trained personally by a personal trainer. The company’s fitness experts can provide you with personal fitness training program designed to cater your specific needs, helping you achieve your goals in a short period of time.


The fitness experts can also design fitness training programs that can accommodate a variety of home fitness equipment, from limited home equipment to the person who want his/her workout to be designed around the fitness equipment used in local gyms.


You can have access to your personal fitness training program by email, with any computer. Sign up an account, and receive personalized training program daily, print it, and begin your workout. After completing the workout, you can send the results to your online personal trainer for evaluation and any comments or concerns that you may have. The personal training programs that SVETNESS offers also include essential information about nutrition such as proper diet and used of supplements to help you get fit.


SVETNESS has been serving people in Northern Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland. The fitness experts of the company also offer boot camp fitness training in Leesburg, VA, Ashburn, VA, Washington, DC, and Boot Camps in Purcellville VA. Soon, the company will be opening a new studio, so people are advised to keep connected to receive updates about the company’s newest events and services to offer.

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